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About Vendor Program.

DGI robot E-Commerce gives you a chance to quickly and easily find the best, easy and secure platform, market or territories to sell, distribute and buy at your own desires, regardless of your location.

When a company is in the business of selling large equipment or technology to businesses, often purchasing through cash is difficult. But the customer might not really be interested in taking a loan and going through all the hassle in order to make that purchase. In such a case, DGI robot provides financial support to the customer through a vendor program like paying in instalments. In a vendor leasing program, the company is effectively buying its own products at that point of time and still increasing its sales.

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Whether it’s beginning an exercise program, getting it going with a task you want to complete, or creating a new business or product from scratch how do you get started? It’s one of the most intimidating things. It’s the lack of starting that kills most tasks and projects.

  • become-vendor-tablist-1.png
    01. Register
    • As a vendor, you will need a unique username, an email, a password, and some additional information or details about you to complete your seller account registration
    • Build trust and be friendly so our buyers can feel comfortable buying from you as a seller
    • Confirm your email address
    • Check any missing important information about you as the seller and enter it to finalize your selling registration. 
    • Get ready to start
  • become-vendor-tablist-2.png
    02. List your products
    • Upload at least 1 product to start selling right now
    • Single product upload
    • Mass product upload
    • Bundle
  • become-vendor-tablist-3.png
    03. Use tools and sell
    • Use the tools we provide on our platform to start selling
    • Enter your bank information to start receiving payments
    • If you have PayPal account, you can enter your PayPal email address to receive payments
    • You can enter your Debit or Credit card information or any other form of payment that complies with our platform in order to receive your payments.
    • Enter your products pictures in order for our buyers to be able to see what they are buying
    • Make sure the products pictures are clean and clear with white background
    • Remember to apply our picture measurements, which up to 600pixels 
  • become-vendor-tablist-4.png
    04. Shipping
    • You can apply your own shipping regulations, but make it clear that it has to comply with our Shipping Regulations
    • Please read carefully our Shipping, Delivery, Refund and Return Policies in order to have an idea on how you will settle your shipping policy.
    • Please be advised that you can apply and use any kind of shipping carrier as long as the buyer receives their package ON TIME
    • Be precise, real and honest in your conversations with your buyers, for DGI robot may be documenting all conversations for the best of your business with us and our buyers' trust  
    • Please read our policies for more selling tips
  • become-vendor-tablist-5.png
    05. Receive money
    • Please be aware that your duty as a seller on our platform is to satisfy the buyer
    • Make sure the buyer receives the package at first and your money will be release to you
    • You can receive your money in different payment ways
    • You can receive your payment via PayPal
    • You can receive your payment via your bank account
    • You can receive your payment via your debit and/or credit card
    • You can receive your payment via Google PayPal
    • You can receive your payment via Apple Pay
    • European customers or sellers will be able to receive payment via their main and popular European payment methods. Please find out about our European payment methods in our payment pages

Success Stories.

Every member of the DGI robot team knows that this is more than a job; this mission is essential to our survival because consumers, and even AgriTech and so on have presented us with unique opportunities and the possibilities to achieve global food and distribution security.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about selling on DGI robot. For more questions, please contact us to

How do fees work on DGI robot?

It’s easy to set up a shop on DGI robot. Create an DGI account (if you don’t already have one), set your shop location and
currency, choose a shop name, create a listing, set a payment method (how you want to be paid), and finally set a billing method (how you want to pay your DGI robot fees).

What do I need to have to create a shop?

In order for you to register on our selling platform, you need to have an email address, a phone number, an address where you can ship from or receive to, perhaps a valid government ID, some forms of payments that can show you can either receive payments or make payments such as paying your fees. If more info is needed, please contact us to 

How do I get paid?

Your customers will pay you via your PayPal account, your bank account if you insert your bank account information or your debit or credit card, direct bank deposit in certain cases, your Google Pay, your Apple Pay etc.

We offer multiple ways or widgets for you to get paid by your own customers. Please find more details on our site for payments.

Do I need a credit or debit card to create a shop?

In most cases, yes. You will need either one of the major debits or a credit card to create or open a vendor/seller account with us. In some other cases, you might need a bank account to create a seller account with us. That way, you will need to get paid by your customers. 

What can I sell on DGI robot?

You can sell or buy anything you and the world desire to as long it is legal and not crossing the line of an illegal path from your government to ours. 

We strive to make it simple and easy for you to under and have easy access to manage your selling or vending platform. 

What is DGI robot selling fee?

Our selling is only 6% and is actually the cheapest selling rates on the eCommerce market.

We make it simple and easy for anyone to be able to sell, to buy as long as it's legal to your government and our local government. 

Millions of shoppers are waiting to visit your own store.

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